Essential skin care tips to be followed in a week

Essential skin care tips to be followed in a week

July 11, 2018 0 By admin

The skin is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the body that needs to be taken proper care of. It is only a good, healthy looking skin that will appear beautiful and be appreciated by everyone. There are easily available different types of skin care regimens and products in the market which when carefully selected and used will improve the beauty of the person.

Useful skin care tips

There are several skin care tips in Hindi to be followed for all types of skins. But it will be necessary to use natural herbal based ones as they make use of organic ingredients found on earth and completely safe for the skin’s health. They do not come with any side effect. Some items are also found in the kitchen and can be used to have a glowing, beautiful skin. The following are the ingredients that can be used from the kitchen to beautify the skin.

  • Oranges are rich in Vitamin C. When consumed, it helps to promote the body’s immune system, more especially from respiratory illnesses such as colds and allergies. Dried orange peels and their juice can be used in the form of scrub, facial mask or skin toner. The blossoms do make fragrant bath and does help to control body odor.
  • Beet root is to be cut and ground into small pieces. Then squeeze juice from ground bits. Use it as facial cleanser/massage. Rinse for approximately 10 minutes in shower.
  • Rosemary can help to reduce blood pressure and is great for liver and the heart. It also is a fabulous tonic for the skin and can eliminate wrinkles. Rosemary leaves and flowers is to be boiled in water and do make excellent facial cleanser.
  • Roses do make excellent fragrance and can be used in lotions, facial crams, tonics and masks. Rose petals are to be ground and mixed with milk cream to form moisturizing cleanser. Then rinse well at shower. For natural perfume, use rose water.
  • Strawberries: Besides being a wonderful fruit, it can also prove to be helpful to treat different types of serious skin conditions. These can also help to whiten the skin. Use strawberry juice to brush and clean teeth.
  • Almonds are excellent for skin care. Besides being consumed, they also are used to create face packs. Grounded almonds do make wonderful scrub/cleanser for the face. Its oil also is essential for herbal skin care.
  • Lavender is quite popular for its fabulous fragrance. When used in the bath, it can help ease up sore and stiff muscles and open up sinuses and also form effective mouthwash. Its oil can be used to cure headaches.

It will be useful to follow the skin care in Hindi given in reputed portals. But it is equally necessary to know that not every type of skin is the same and hence, every product will not match the specific requirements of the skin. Hence, consulting the beauty experts will be of great use.