Getting rid of the problems with scars

Getting rid of the problems with scars

July 4, 2019 0 By admin

In the eyes of some people scars are a mark of pride, whereas some other simply wants it to fade off. As it has an impact on your appearance you end up being a lot self- conscious. No scar soap for acne scars are available, but if you are really concerned on how to get rid of them you need to find out the underlying cause.

The scar emerges as a natural process of healing after an injury. The moment dermis, when the second layer of your skin is damaged, the body goes on to perform collagen fibers to reduce the damage. This results in the formation of a scar.

  • If the wound goes on to heal a lot faster, lesser amount of collagen is deposited and scar is expected to be less noticeable
  • How severe the scar is depends upon the severity or extent of the injury
  • In different types of the body scars are known to emerge in varied ways
  • Based on the age of an injured person scars will appear in a different way
  • Different patterns of scars are there

Home remedies in getting rid of scars

No clear cut formula exists to make the scars disappear totally, but over due course of time they will become lighter on their own. The people who are advocates of natural healing are of the opinion that certain remedies could speed up the process of healing eventually making the scar less noticeable. Let us explore some remedies that are effective for certain section of the society

Aloe Vera

The main ingredient in no scars soaps for pimples is Aloe Vera

  • The dark skin green from a flatter portion of Aloe Vera leaf is to be removed
  • The light clear gel has to be scooped
  • Via circular motions apply the gel on to the scarred regions
  • After some time wash off the gel with cool water
  • This remedial measure has to be repeated a couple of times during the day

Vitamin E

  • A capsule of Vitamin E has to be opened over the scar and the oil has to be squeezed on to the scar. For proper coverage you might even need more than a single capsule for full coverage
  • For around 10 minutes you might have to massage the oil around the scar
  • After around 20 minutes you need to wash off the oil with warm water
  • This procedure has to be repeated 3 times a day


  • Before you are proceeding to bed, cover the scar with a layer of honey
  • This honey wrapped honey scar needs to be covered with a bandage
  • This needs to be left for a single night
  • In the morning you might have to remove the bandage and then honey needs to be washed off with warm water
  • This needs to be part of your daily routine

If you are trying to get rid of scars a key aspect is to make it less noticeable. A lot of people are of the opinion that natural remedies can get the job done.