How a Cross Trainer Machine Can Rapidly Improve Your Health

How a Cross Trainer Machine Can Rapidly Improve Your Health

September 23, 2019 0 By admin

The cross trainer machine, also known as simply the cross trainer, is just one of the most common types of exercise equipment used by those who want to lose weight or maintain their physique. Think of it as a cross between a stationary exercise bike and a treadmill; it has foot pedals which allow individuals to simulate walking and running.Coupled with patronizing products from a health food store online, using a cross trainer will do wonders for your health.

Of course, the treadmill, as well as the exercise bike, are as equally important as the cross trainer in helping burn down calories and achieve overall fitness results. However, it is known for allowing users to exert less effort when they do their routines. Thus, this training machine makes for an excellent purchase for anyone who wants to have one at home.

If you are planning to have one fitness equipment at home, the cross trainer is a machine that you might consider buying. Indeed, you may definitely have your hands full when you shop for the best one, given that it has different designs, types and sizes.

Why Bother Buying this Equipment?

Walking and running are high-impact physical activities. While some are accustomed to it, some simply do not, especially if joint pain sets in. When you walk briskly or run outdoors or on a treadmill, the impact of your feet’s soles hitting the ground or the machine’s belt is absorbed by the joints, especially on the area of the ankles and knees. After some time, running or walking could later on be painful, and if that happens, it could put a dent on your exercise routine. The same can be said if someone suffers a knee or ankle injury while running or walking.

But with the cross trainer, the likelihood of joint pain and potential injuries to the ankles and knees are eliminated. Instead of the feet leaving the ground (or the treadmill’s belt), the feet is rested on the foot pedals of the elliptical machine, thus providing you low-impact exercise. If you want to run or walk without stressing your joints on your lower limbs, then this equipment might be the best for you.

What are the Common Types?

Meanwhile, in choosing the best elliptical machine, you need to first be aware of its three types, which are based on the flywheel’s location within the equipment. The first one is called the front-drive type. Obviously, the flywheel is located in front of the machine. This might be an option for you, yet you must know that you may be required to lean slightly forward as you maneuver your legs, very much like what you do on a stair climber.

The second one is the rear-drive type. Instead of the flywheel located in front, it is located behind you. Often quieter than the front-drive elliptical cross trainer, you are able to use it with ease because you keep yourself upright instead of leaning slightly forward. In fact, moving on the machine closely resembles walking or running. The third one is the center-drive type, where the flywheel is located beneath you. Relatively new in the market, this type of fitness equipment is compact and does not cover a lot of space.

Considerations in buying the machine for your home

Always remember that bringing in fitness equipment for use in your home is a hefty purchase. Thus, it is a must that you buy one that can be useful for a long time, with minimal need for maintenance. It must also have the necessary features, from adjustable stride length, console display, to modifiable resistance levels, to give you comfort and ease of use for your exercise routine.

Needless to say, using any home or gym fitness equipment will make your body healthier and your mind sounder. However, make sure that you also consume unprocessed food products, like those that are sold at a health food store online. Working out is one thing and eating healthy food is another thing you should keep in mind.