How chemotherapy and hair loss are interconnected

How chemotherapy and hair loss are interconnected

September 2, 2018 0 By admin

The saddest thing for a woman is to let go of the hair she has spent all her life growing and caring for. However, if you have undergone chemotherapy for cancer you would know that hair loss is a very common side effect after this procedure because there are a number of powerful drugs used to bring relief and betterment to the patient.

Usually the hair that is lost after chemotherapy grows back after the cancer treatment. For some people the hair growth may never be the same. It may lead to permanent baldness or lead to changes in the pattern of hair growth.

Why do people lose hair after chemotherapy?

The medication that is supposed to be attacking cancer causing cells does it’s job but also does a little more than that. It also attacks the other  cells which divide rapidly. This includes cells that help in hair growth and health. The hair loss which is known as anagen effluvium is not only restricted to the hair on your head but also hair loss on any and every part of your body that is capable of growing hair. Even the best natural dandruff shampoo will not be able to save you from the situation.

There are various degrees to which the hair loss can occur. This depends on a variety of reasons. Starting from the time frame till which the treatment lasts to the type of composition of the drugs, make up the reason for the hair loss

There are various types of drugs associated with chemotherapy, some of which include:












When radiation needs to be applies to the head, it is seen that the hair falls out and doesn’t usually grow back.

How to prepare for the hair loss? 

Preparing for the hair loss procedure can be extremely difficult. No amount of help and therapy can prepare you for the emptiness you will feel once the sessions are over. This is why developing a plan of action is very important before you start going in for your treatments. This will give you peace of mind and will actively change the direction with which you look at your direction and look at yourself in the mirror. You don’t have to roam around with a bald head if you’re too shy to embrace it. You can always buy resources like a hairpiece or a wig, whatever suits you.

What happens during and after  Chemo and how can you prepare for it?

Usually hair starts falling out a week after the treatment starts. For some it starts several weeks later. Once the hair loss process starts, it will last till the end of the  chemotherapy. Every patient has different  reactions to the chemotherapy process. Some will have very minimal thinning  whereas others may face complete baldness.

Once the treatment gets over, good care of the hair must be taken for the person to get control of their appearance. It can be done also by using the

best shampoo for heavy dandruff. This will help the patient to regain control of the new hair follicles growing.