How do you deal with heartburn during the critical juncture of pregnancy?

How do you deal with heartburn during the critical juncture of pregnancy?

August 22, 2018 0 By admin

The issues of heartburn are going to take you in the end. No matter you may opt for heartburn meds during pregnancy it does not ensure optimum relief. Though it should ensure a happy movement in your life, once you reach the second or third trimester of pregnancy it may seem more of a curse to you. On the lines of pregnancy infections medicines, the pregnant women tend to be prime candidates for two major reasons. First and foremost the hormones are known to reduce the process of digestion. Secondly the growing baby does go on to put a lot of pressure on the stomach .it does point to the fact that the acids are going to be pushed up as well. Now how do the mothers expect to deal with the issue of heartburn during the tenure of pregnancy?

You need to eat less and this needs to be more often

When you overeat it compounds to the problems of heartburn. The moment you do become pregnant there is less room for the stomach to expand. If you opt for a sensible diet not only during pregnancy but during the months to come as well. This will prevent from gaining extra weight during the course of pregnancy as well. Here the golden rule that needs to be followed is that instead of opting for 3 square meals a day it would be better if you choose 3 mini meals in between. If the meals are smaller it does make it easier for the body to digest.

Keep away from trigger foods

You need to identify foods that trigger heartburn and make it a point that you eliminate from the diet. Foods like tomato and citrus foods are something that you need to keep away from your diet on all counts. At the same time keep away from alcohol or beverages as well. Anyway all these are foods that you need to eliminate anyway.

The onus needs to be on liquids

It has been observed that in comparison to solid foods the liquid foods would cause less problems. You need to observe foods that are high on liquids and  concentrate of foods like solids where chewing is difficult. It would be better if you go on to choose foods till they reach a stage of liquid.

Sleep in a smart way

In order to combat the issue of heartburn during pregnancy, you need to avoid anything that causes this disorder 3 hours before bedtime. The head of your bed should be elevated when you place the books under your legs. In case if you are sleeping on the left side then it is high time that you do so. The reason being that the stomach acids would have to travel all the way up.

To conclude it is suggested that you do avoid anti acids and keep away from foods where the content of aluminium is on the higher side. Do discuss with your doctor the various situations.