How does a paternal age have an impact on the health of your child?

How does a paternal age have an impact on the health of your child?

August 24, 2018 0 By admin

There have been numerous studies conducted on paternal age effect on pregnancy. It is sure that the age of the father does have a say on the health of the baby. The scope of research has been limited and so too the results that have emerged at the same time. You would need to evolve quiet a lot of research as well. A lot of studies do point out that if the paternal age effect is above 40; risk to the health of the child along with adverse effects on pregnancy is witnessed.

Before we proceed ahead, one needs to understand what qualifies as an advanced paternal age. Though no universal standard has been set in place, but for our analysis we take it for genetic counselling. It stands for an increase in the mutations of the new spring as well. you cannot confer the fact that once you touch the age of 40, genetic defects can go on to increase. It would increase in a linear manner with the age of the father. The risk tends to shoot up by 4 to 5 times once you touch the age of 45.

A couple of types of paternal age effects has been found. The first one relates to the X chromosome and the second to the autocomes.

Loss of pregnancy

If the paternal age effect is on the higher side, you do expect a loss of pregnancy before 20 weeks of pregnancy. There is a chance of still birth or miscarriage

Birth defects on the lesser side

The chances of paternal age effect may lead to an increase of rare birth defects. There are chances of defects in the lungs or the heart as well.


There has been a lot of research on paternal age effect which does go on to enhance the chances of increased mental disorder. In fact the chances of the symptoms appearing may be the same as well.


There has been a lot of research conducted on paternal age effect and the impact on the autism.

Childhood leukaemia

If the parents age are older than the chance of childhood leukaemia would increase considerably. It is a form of cancer that would lead to the production of white blood cells.

Researches are of the opinion with the risk in health conditions might occur due to genetic mutations in terms of sperm content. This is all the more common in older men than in the case of young men. In case if you feel that you are above the age of 40, then before pregnant then you need to consult your doctor before productive issues. There is one thing for sure there does exist a strong correlation ship between sperm abnormalities, and the age of a man.

The effect of maternal age has drawn a lot of attention in recent times. The impact of reproduction has not been studied in great details.