How to cope up with high blood pressure during pregnancy

How to cope up with high blood pressure during pregnancy

June 11, 2018 0 By admin

During the times of pregnancy high blood pressure does happen to be one of the major concerns. Medicine for high blood pressure in pregnancy would already be there. It does point to the fact that chronic blood pressure could exist long before you have gone on to become pregnant. There is blood pressure which does last for 20 weeks before pregnancy as well. It could last for 12 weeks after you giving birth as well.

When you have high blood pressure during pregnancy it could point to preeclampsia. Though you can go on to relate high blood pressure with it, but they are a lot different as well. In case if you are prone to hypertension before you go on to become pregnant, you might wonder on how it is going to have an impact on your pregnancy in the first place. You may wonder whether it has any impact as well.

Before you become pregnant schedule a visit with your doctor. It is pretty much like medicine for HIV during pregnancy. The doctor can review your history of blood pressure. If the need arise they could suggest you some medicines as well. There are certain medicines that are not harmful for the developing baby and it is suggested that you do not opt for it during pregnancy.

When you are pregnant the symptoms of chronic hypertension could also go on to worsen. This would be if you are already suffering from high blood pressure along with preeclampsia. There are chances you go on to develop severe complications in the form of kidney or heart strokes as well.

When it comes to preeclampsia it is higher form of blood pressure that occurs exclusively during the stage of pregnancy. Your high blood pressure may already be in control when you are pregnant, but in due course of time you can become prone to preeclampsia. It could be a situation of vice versa as well. In case if you are suffering from preeclampsia, then the doctor may ask you to induce labor much earlier. If the condition happens to be a lot severe then the doctor may ask you to opt for a C section birth.

When it is the case of a high risk pregnancy you would need the advice of a specialist. You are likely to meet across a specialist who deals with pregnancies of this disorder. Coupled with the fact you will be dealing with a prenatal health care centre long before delivery. This would go on to reduce the chances of your child falling ill as well. Usually all of them work as a time so that the best in terms of heath care facility is provided to your little one as well.

It would be very well possible that you are suffering from chronic hypertension and then go on to deliver a healthy baby at the same time. But one thing is for sure it does have a lot of adverse effects on the developing baby.