Tips to cope up with hair loss

Tips to cope up with hair loss

May 21, 2019 0 By admin

Hair loss is a problem making their presence felt in both men and women of all age groups. The cause could be genetic or due to a common health condition and it can also arise due to lifestyle choices. The use of ketomac shampoo hair fall could curb the issue to a considerable level. But still there are various ways by which you can trim down hair loss.

A proper diet

No substitute to a balanced and healthy diet. Intake of fresh vegetables and fruits can pave way for a healthy cycle of growth. Meat is a rich source of protein along with iron keeping your hair healthy. Reduce the intake of sugar as it can prevent adrenal levels rising. Rising levels of this hormone can pave way for stress.

Combat the issue of stress

Emotional or physical stress can lead to exhaustion, depression or anxiety can knock off the hormonal balance out of gear. If you are not able to deal with stress it can lead to hair loss. Stress can be mild to major levels like the death of someone beloved in your family. It is really important to cope up with effective strategies like going out for a walk or engaging in certain type of physical activities. If the need arises a session of counselling would be of help.

Try to be gentle with your hair

Consider hair to be a living organism and too much of styling and heat can take its toll. Chlorine or combing of hair can have an impact on your hair leading to damage.

Stay away from smoking

For the health growth of hair a healthy circulatory system is important and supply of essential nutrients to the hair follicles is important. Nicotine levels in cigarette can cause the blood vessels to contract making it very difficult for the heart vessels to pump out blood from the arteries. Smoking is also known to produce carbon monoxide reducing the amount of oxygen in blood.

Sleep well

Do sleep well as then the body replenishes and recovers. Sleep deprivation can pave way for hair loss and known to disrupt the mental and physical functions in an individual. The sleep patterns vary from an individual to another and for this reason it is better to understand what would be optimum for your health. An imbalance in your personal and professional life can lead to sleep disturbances which you need to overcome.

Try to stay away from pollution

Apart from dandruff another notable cause of hair loss is pollution. You can stick to the use of a keto max shampoo to combat this issue. Though it is difficult to avoid pollution, but once in a while you can plan a trip to the seaside or the mountains. With pollutants it has an impact on the oxygen we breathe and blood supply to the follicles is affected if we continuously intake toxins.

A vast majority of hair loss cases reported is genetic, but pollution does leave its makr.