Understand important things about Pregnancy weaning foods

Understand important things about Pregnancy weaning foods

June 9, 2018 0 By admin

For your new-born, as a mother you definitely would not want to compromise at any level in terms of food and health products. Talking of which, when you step into the world of weaning, there are some important things that you need to know which will keep your baby healthy and safe. Remember, with the curiosity reaching at its peak, your baby certainly would want to explore food that can make little tummy happy and make the mealtime fun. But as parents, here are some important things that need to be understood about weaning and how it can help your young fellow to achieve the milestone.

It has been observed that most of the parents, are side stepping the concept of baby food and are keen on feeding their kids with solid foods. According to the view point of experts this is the stage of weaning which paves way for an early foundation of formulating good eating habits in the days to come as well. This concept had its emergence in the United Kingdom a decade ago, and slowly caught up with the various cultures around the world in the days to come. In fact, the benefits of it is great.

Know the Answers for your Problems:

There are so many queries that you are likely to come across when you will think of weaning food. As a mother, you would definitely want your kid to get the best nourishment and that is when there are some important things that you need to be clear about. Whether you need to go with baby-led weaning or purees is a good option, the time span for which you need to feed your baby, and the food that you should not be giving to the baby for better health. Of all things, weaning is one instinctive process, which, of course, you will learn depending on, how much your kid is able to consume.

The Time that weaning will take:

This entirely depends upon the capacity of your kid to consume the weaning food. This actually can vary from the first spoonful of purees that are smooth to the meals of three times a day which can be lumpy textures and even the soft finger foods. But if you are introducing new taste to you baby each time, you need to wait for at least three days as rushing on such things can quite unpleasant for the baby. Remember, it is a new experience for the kids and there are many things they will have to face in near future. Of course, for such small things as well, they need lot of practice and skills to learn during first few meals. Right from learning to take the food from the spoon till using the tongue to push the food back in the mouth are something which some kids pick up quickly while few takes longer time.

Always be sure that the first food that your kid takes in is smooth. This means vegetables and fruits should be cut down from the list as they can be quite hard for the hand to mash up. You can buy the food in bulk quantity and blend it well enough and put it in the potion size cubes to freeze it. This usually works for most of the kids during weaning period.