Have a look on the Amino Acid Structure

Have a look on the Amino Acid Structure

September 20, 2018 0 By admin

Your body is one which cannot function without the proteins, for building all of these essential proteins; the body need the amino acids. Now one can learn what the amino acids, amino acid structure is and how they look like. Well, human body holds thousand numbers of different proteins. All of them are essential to stay alive & healthy. They are building block of protein. One can find 20 different number of amino acid in the nature. All of them include around 5 basic parts as,

  • Central carbon atoms
  • Hydrogen atoms
  • Amino group which consist of nitrogen atom or 2 hydrogen atoms
  • Carboxyl group which consist of carbon atom, 2 oxygen atom & 1 hydrogen atom
  • R group or even side chain which consist of various atoms

The side chain

The side chain or R-group is one which makes the amino acid structure unique. All of them are having different side of the chain structure. They also consist of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon atoms. Some of them hold nitrogen or sulfur atoms in R-groups. All of them gets accompanied by 3 and 1 letter codes, the residue molecular weight and even side chains pKa where it is appropriate. They even exist in free forms. Particular, the twenty important amino acids are important for life as they include protein and peptides which are termed as building block for all the living things.

They include in living cells where they are also used for the protein synthesis. The amino acid also gets controlled by the genetics.  No all the natural amino acid resides there. Some of the unusual amino acid gets contained in the plant seeds. As stated in the table of amino acids, they are imperative to sustain health of human body.

They promote largely the,

  • Hormone production
  • Muscles structure
  • Nervous system of human and its healthy functioning
  • Vital organ health
  • Normal structure of cellular

If the amino acid gets deficient, then the protein synthesis doesn’t take place. Additionally, other body function and growth positively without the alpha amino acid can make person experience hormonal imbalance, irritability or depression. The experts have classified the amino acid structure based on different features which includes that people can get them through good diet. The scientists have recognized the three types of amino acid as, essential, non-essential and conditionally essential. Check out more related information about the amino acids online.